Custom socks.
Your fantasy, our technology.

How does Soxbot work?

It starts with an idea.

We will turn yours into designs suitable for production. Be it a detailed demand or a loose assignment.

They do judge even a sock by its cover.

Every sock we make is sealed with a matching label. And we can make even a matching box.

Details matter.

We present our designs in 3D format and we fine tune until you say stop.

Time is infinitely finite.

That is why we are very fast. In most pressing of case, we can deliver socks within two weeks.


Soxbot's past work

A small taste of our past sock ventures.

About us

Jsme česká firma, zabývající se výrobou ponožek již od roku 2014.  Doufáme, že i vám navrhneme ponožky, které vás budou každý den bavit a těšit.